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August Top Picks on Instagram

August Top Picks on Instagram

What We’re Loving Right Now

We’re definitely moving into that transition time between summer and fall, and as we head into cooler days, it’s the perfect time for a little design inspo refresh. On the blog today is our roundup of our top five picks from Instagram this month – so get those mood boards ready because you’re going to want to incorporate these ASAP.

Top Pick #1 – Gold Glam

We’re getting all sorts of metallic glam vibes from this design. From the tiny pops of gold in the dining chair legs to the bold light fixture and entryway table statement pieces, this cohesive design is a showstopper, no doubt. Want the look? Keep your overall color scheme simple (neutrals are key here) and use metallics to play up your room’s distinct and unique elements. It’s the perfect way to incorporate plenty of personality without the room feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated

Top Pick #2 – Bathroom Luxury

This bathroom is the ultimate black and white dream. We adore a bold statement vanity like this one, but remember that the trick to incorporating a dark color like black is to balance it out with the rest of the room. In this design, gold fixtures and hardware warm up the cooler tones of the room while white walls ensure that the space still feels bright and airy. The graphic floor tiles help to tie it all together, and to top it all off, lush green plants give the countertop a nice pop of color and a sense of vibrancy. The overall look is one that’s visually balanced and inviting.

Top Pick #3 – Vintage Charm

This gorgeous bathroom design is the perfect blend of contemporary style and vintage vibes, and without a doubt, what makes it pop is the attention to detail. From the floating cabinet paneling to the herringbone wallpaper and green marbled countertop, the texture of the space is top notch. Plus, by keeping to a muted and soft color scheme, the room maintains balance and calm. A bright and unexpected splash of pink florals adds height and interest as well, completing the look and highlighting the mixed neutrals of the space.

Top Pick #4 – Gallery Wall Goals

If there’s ever been a gallery wall combo that does it right, it’s this one. Simple, yet stunning, this arrangement sticks to symmetry and black and white shots to keep things feeling curated. Because there is a lot of texture throughout the space – from the tufted stools to the pearl and brass light pendant – the gallery wall’s crisp design makes it a statement piece that complements rather than competes. To achieve this style in your home office, remember that while layering is gorgeous visually, the eye still needs balance – be sure to keep certain elements simple and minimal to break up the intensity.

Top Pick #5 – Beach Inspired

Layering blues, pinks, and creams, this living room strikes the perfect balance between beach house and everyday charm. While the overall feel is one of simplicity, the variety in textures and patterns make the space feel vibrant and full of movement. We especially love the wallpaper design and the striped area rug – combined, they help to anchor the room visually and give it a pop of personality.

Which ones are YOUR Instagram favs? Let us know what’s inspiring you right now, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming fall trends (we can’t wait)!

By Megan Johansson, Contributor for Molly Howe Design

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