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Jewel Lane Lower Level Reveal

Jewel Lane Lower Level Reveal

Last month, we revealed the living room at our Jewel Lane new construction project (you can find that post here), and today we’re beyond excited to share the lower level with you. This couple absolutely loves entertaining, so having a lower level that was ready to host a good party was a necessity.

Bold Color

To start, we opted for a bold blue shade to let the bar pop in the room (after all, a get together isn’t complete without a few starring cocktails, wouldn’t you say?). This shade strikes the perfect balance between show-stopping and subtle, tying in the greens and neutrals in the space for a look that feels exciting without being overwhelming.

Statement Backsplash

The bar’s backsplash was a party all on its own, no doubt. We chose a metallic tile finish to add a touch of glam to the space and opted to bring it all the way up to the ceiling to make it stand out from the crowd. The great thing about a backsplash like this one, too, is that it’s a built-in statement piece – aside from never having to worry about splashing cranberry juice on the wall, it’s also a work of art. With a glitzy corner like this one, though, the trick is to balance out the rest of the wall art in the room by keeping it simple. Here, we paired it with a simple small frame of a watercolor buffalo, and rather than draw attention away from the bar, we propped it right by the sink to complete the look. Similarly, you’ll notice that we the rest of the room stayed understated and neutral, which was intentional - letting the backsplash take center stage was key.

Storage Options

While board games and drink fixings are the heart of entertaining and extra seating is a must, letting them clutter the table and floor space 24/7 isn’t always the best bet style-wise. So, in this lower level, we incorporated plenty of storage for the owners, including ample space below the sofa credenza which allows them to slide tall woven ottomans underneath for extra guest seating options. In addition, the glass upper cabinets allow the beautiful barware to be showcased and easily accessed while the lower cabinets leave room for storing any extra items (liquor bottles, etc.). And would you take a look at that wine refrigerator? We love it. Pretty soon, they’ll be ready to host a tasting event that’ll rival Napa.

Woven Window Treatments

For a finishing touch, we opted for woven window treatments to warm up the space and provide privacy. They pair perfectly with the rich wooden credenza and carved table centerpiece, helping to balance out the bolder colors in the room for an all-around cohesive look, and working to visually connect the lower level to the outdoors. Plus, their sleek shape keeps them understated and contemporary, which is right in line with this couple’s style.

When entertaining is your goal, it’s a must to have a space that allows for plenty of socializing and enjoyment, and this lower level fits right in. From the statement backsplash to the ample storage options, this couple is ready to host a party for the ages. And that’s our kind of living.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Molly Howe Design

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