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What drives us at Molly Howe Design?
Creating a space that our client is proud of and will happily enjoy for years to come!

I started Molly Howe Design (MHD) in 2013 after ten years in the industry working for two different remodeling firms in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. I was noticing a niche that needed to be filled between decorating and architecture. Many people need help with more than the furnishings of a space but also don't necessarily need an architect to engineer the space; hiring MHD before or during the search for a remodeler helps you sort


through the overwhelming details of embarking on such a project. Items such as space planning, finish selection, cabinet design, are our specialty. We have a process that is streamlined, easy, and most of all FUN!

Designing interiors is about creating a space that enhances your life. A space for you to experience the moments in your life that become your memories. We design for real people, living busy lives. We focus on proper space flow, functionality and practicality, without sacrificing the beauty or comfort of a space. We pride ourselves on out-of-the box thinking, creating solutions that enhance your vision and make your project truly one-of-a-kind. We design in every style: Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Farmhouse, Industrial, and more, adding a touch of our clean, approachable style to the aesthetic that matches YOU!

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