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Wallpaper Gallore

Over here at MHD, we just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wallpaper! We frequently joke that we would put it on every wall in the world if we could. Wallpaper can instantly elevated a room, giving you a style and color palette to use as a jumping point to your design. With new wallpaper manufacturing, today's wallpapers are super easy to hang and remove, so you can commit without fear! Below is a roundup of our very favorite places to shop for wallpaper (and a few favorites from each shop). We have a few of these going into our projects right now, so stay tuned for those project photos!

Hygge & West Diamante Wallpaper in Turquoise
Hygge & West Nana Wallpaper in Pink
Hygge & West Tassels Wallpaper in Gold

Miss Print Allsorts Wallpaper in Coral
Miss Print Chimes Wallpaper in Reservation
Miss Print Fern Wallpaper in Spirit

Serena & Lily Feather Wallpaper in Denim
Serena & Lily Palmetto Wallpaper in Turquoise
Serena & Lily Luna Stripe Wallpaper in Yellow

Nottene Stripes Print Wallpaper in Ink
Nottene Lemon Grove Print Wallpaper
Nottene Stars Print Wallpaper in Rosy Dawn

Chasing Paper Speckle Wallpaper in Black
Chasing Paper Perfect Plaid Wallpaper in Purple
Chasing Paper Peonies Wallpaper in Gold/Cream

Anew Wall Orange Blossum Mural
Anew Wall Parisian Street Scene Mural
Anew Wall Cactus Mural

Rebel Walls Pulse of Passion Mural in White
Rebel Walls Tidemark Mural in Blue
Rebel Wall Perfect Fit Mural in Powder Pink

And there you have it . . our favs!

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