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Jewel Lane Living Room Reveal

Jewel Lane Living Room Reveal

Owned by a younger couple who loves to entertain, we knew the space in this new construction home needed to have all the components of a great party - plenty of seating, a credenza/bar area, and enough side tables for guests to rest their drinks on. Beyond that, we wanted the space to pop visually and for the owners and their guests to feel right at home.

The result? A gorgeous bright and open space with the perfect balance of neutrals and jewel tones.

Layered Rugs

To start, we anchored the room with a vibrant patterned rug. The burnt orange and blue color scheme helped to connect the space visually with the other color pops around the room, and it simultaneously drew the eye to the center of the entertaining zone. (Plus, a soft and cushy rug is always a win for guests!)

Gallery Wall

Located above the credenza, the gallery wall plays with a variety of colors and designs to form an eclectic mix that makes the wall come alive. We kept things simple with only six pieces, but the key to giving it movement was to change up the sizes, orientations (horizontal vs. vertical), and frame types. The standing frame, lamp, and tchotchkes on top of the credenza add to the mix, continuing the gallery vibe beyond the two-dimensional wall space.

Unique Furniture

Rather than stick to simple similar styles throughout, this living room was all about entertaining, so the furniture needed to feel unique and visually interesting. Mixing colors and materials, we opted for a tufted velvet blue sofa alongside two leather armchairs in a warm cognac. The coffee table, side tables, and credenza kept to neutral tones, but each popped in its own way - from the geometric spiral effect on the credenza doors to the open metal pattern on the side table, the mix of designs helped the room feel curated and ever-changing.

Patterns & Texture

To top it all off, we made sure there was a large array of patterns and texture to keep the living room playful and fun. Pillows ranged from bold geometric styles to softer watercolor-inspired hues, while white mongolian fur stools flanked the credenza for visual contrast (and built-in extra seating options). The lamps and tabletop decor added texture while keeping to the colors of the room, and a splash of green from the two plants in the corner added a sense of vibrancy to the space.

This living room is certainly a showstopper, and one we can’t get enough of. Want the look? Check out the links below - and remember, keep your color scheme to a minimum, but feel free to play with a variety of texture and layers to give it that lived-in and collected effect. You’ll be hosting your own parties before you know it.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Molly Howe Design

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