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Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Though we’ve still got a few warm days ahead of us, we’ve definitely turned the corner into fall weather (which, admittedly, we are LOVING). Because aside from the excitement of layering sweaters and scarves and donning our favorite boots, the change in seasons means fall design trends, and this year’s trendsetters are some of our favorites to date.

So, read on for details on design shifts to look out for and incorporate in your own home. They’ll have you feeling all the autumn feels, and with a mug of steaming cider in one hand and your Pinterest board in the other, your dream renovation is just a few clicks away.

Bright Colored Furniture & Velvet

Bright colored furniture is happening, people, and we are so on board. There’s nothing quite like a color pop to make a room come alive, and it’s the perfect way to incorporate your personality into a space. Whether you’re into more muted tones or bold statement pieces, you can’t go wrong with a colorful chair or sofa. One of this fall’s major color trends is purple, too, so definitely consider adding a beauty like the one below to your collection – it’s a shade that pairs really well with a range of colors, and its versatility allows it to seamlessly transition between seasons.

We’re also seeing a lot of velvet this fall, which instantly adds a mix of elegant and vintage charm to a space that’s to die for. Plus, with the variety in velvet textures on the market today (from structured to soft), you’re sure to find a piece that fits right in with your style and comfort.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Another trend that’s big this season is bringing nature indoors – think basket weave pieces, woven rugs, wicker furniture, and macramé décor elements. Their warmer hues bring out the deep colors of fall while their texture adds the perfect finishing touch to any space. You don’t necessarily need to go floor to ceiling with these natural elements, though. Just a touch here or there can work wonders for a room and help to connect to the outdoors.


Banquettes are major trendsetters this fall, and it’s no wonder why. They’re total magic and the perfect option for dining or eat-in kitchen seating. Create your own in four easy steps: add a banquette, rug, table, and side chairs, and you’re all set!


We’re seeing more and more people opt for wallpaper in their homes, and it’s a trend we can definitely get behind. Because whether you’re a fan of complex and vibrant patterns, or more subtle and understated designs, wallpaper can completely transform a room and make it come alive. Your space will feel exciting and fresh, and your wall won’t just be part of the background anymore – it’ll take center stage. (P.S. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll be taking a deeper dive into what makes this trend top our list!)

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box this season when it comes to designing your space, because with a little color, pattern, and texture, you can have a total refresh in a snap. Just stick to these trends, and your style will be totally on point – guaranteed.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Molly Howe Design

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